Casting Services Offered by Coastal Foundry

Casting Services Offered by Coastal Foundry

Coastal Found Company offers additional services to make you casting experience a great success.  Our services are listed below:


1. Machining

Some rough machining is done in house, but generally is contracted out. Extensive and complicated machining is undertaken for our customers.

2. Impregnation

Coastal Foundry uses a Henkel Loctite® wet vacuum impregnation system to to seal all types of metal castings and non-metal composite parts.

3. Coating

Powder coating, painting and anodizing is contracted out to very reputable companies that follow our own high quality control procedures.

5. Recycling

Coastal Foundry Company captures and recycles resources whenever possible.

6. Quality Control

Coastal Foundry Company and G, M & L Manufacturing, which is ISO Certified, is committed to providing the highest quality products and service that meet or exceed the expectations of our customers.

7. Free Delivery

Coastal Foundry Company offers free product delivery in the Houston area.

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