Metal Impregnation by Coastal Foundry

Metal Sealing - Impregnation Technologies

Metal Sealing - Impregnation Technologies


Coastal Foundry utilizes Impregnation Technologies to apply the Henkel Loctite® wet vacuum impregnation system. This system uses resin to seal metal castings, non-metal and composite parts. Our system specializes in Microporosity only.


The Loctite® impregnation process provides the sealing reliability to automotive and other applications. All types of metal castings, ferrous and non-ferrous, iron, steel, brass, bronze, aluminum and any exotic alloy are sealed for pressure to the structural limits of the casting itself.

Non-Metal & Composite Parts:

The Loctite® impregnation process offers specialized sealants with flexibility, high temperature capability and excellent resistance to chemical attack for non-metal and composite parts. The sealing process is similar to that used for metals. The process is especially good for electrical components, in particular devices that combine metal conductors and molded plastic.

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